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Electric Motorized Paddleboard Fin

Electric Motorized Paddleboard Fin

The Original Paradisepad Electric Motorized Sup Fin

The battery on this unit has a ton of  power  compared to other brands. Other brands have battery that  is 3500ah or 3.5 ah, our battery is 12ah. Our fin is 33.3 volts compared to 24 volts. You cannot get a extended usage out of a small battery that is built into a small fin. This is one reason why we are using a seperate battery pack. We have sold hundreds of these units over the last 4 years with great performance. Designed for sups that have a air7 fin style that is normally on a hardboard. 


Electric paddleboard fin motor includes:
10" Motorized Fin, 
 1- 36 Volt rechargeable Lithium-ion battery charges in 3-5 hours
 1 -  Bluetooth remote control  3 speeds forward
 1 - Battery charger

1- Ankle Leash with auto shut off switch


ALL E-Finmotorizing kits  will power your  SUP and Kayak up to 5+ mph, and for up to 6 hours.

Range depends on user weight, water conditions,  power level used and  type and size of craft. 


Uses -   Power assist against strong currents,  help keep up with faster paddlers,  Touring and Fishing, or stand alone power source. The E-Fin motorizing system is a game changer 

 Runs up to 6 hours per battery on a single charge.  


Surf Leash – The leash that comes with this package attaches to your ankle or calf on one end and to the red emergency off switch on the control case at the opposite end.

If you happen to fall in, the leash will detach from the switch and turn the motor off immediately.

The motor will not run unless the leash is attached to the emergency off switch.


Fin – The fin is made from a specialty marine grade  plastic.

The material is strong and resistant to scraping over rocks and sand.


It attaches to the fin box on the bottom of the SUP.

The E-FiN SUP kit, fits any standard Air7 style  center fin box. 
  • Electric Paddleboard Fin

    Have you ever faced challenges or skipped paddleboarding altogether due to strong winds or concerns about keeping up with fellow paddlers? Say goodbye to those worries with the Paradisepad Electric Motorized Fin! This innovative efin is designed to enhance your paddleboarding experience and provide you with the extra boost you need. With this electric fin, you can effortlessly increase your speeds while paddling. The generous battery capacity ensures long-lasting performance, keeping you going strong throughout the day. Don't let wind or speed concerns hold you back anymore – embrace the Paradisepad Electric Motorized Fin and enjoy a more enjoyable and fulfilling paddleboarding adventure.

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