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  • How do I inflate my ParadisePad SUP Board?
    Fasten air hose to the pressure gauge on the pump. Locate the air valve on the tail of the board. Open the valve cover. Make sure the inner valve is in the “UP” position. Connect the air hose to the air valve. Inflate to 10-15 psi. We recommend testing out your board at varying psi to find the right fit for you. Disconnect air hose from the valve. The inner valve will prevent air from escaping when in the “UP” position. Close the valve cover. Generally the pressure gauge will start to register a pressure reading at 7 PSI’s. The board should take about 160-180 pumps to achieve15 PSI
  • How long should I leave my iSUP inflated?
    If your inflatable paddle board is stored inside, out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature changes, the board can be left inflated indefinitely. To preserve the life of your isup it is recommended deflating periodically.
  • How should I store my board?
    Deflate your isup by pressing the the valve pin to the down position. It will then lock in this position. Air will naturally leave the board when the valve is in deflate. Roll the board up from the nose to the tail. Once all the air has been removed place the valve in the closed or “ inflate”position, sticking up. This will prevent air from being sucked back into the board. Remove center fin. Secure your board with the belt that comes in the isup package. The deckpad should be on the inside and the fins on the outside. This preserves life of the deckpad. Boards should be stored dry.
  • What type of paddle comes with this iSUP and does it float?
    The iSUP comes with an upgraded fiberglass 3-piece adjustable paddle with nylon composite blade. It breaks down conveniently to fit into the included back pack and will float assembled.
  • Are the fins included?
    Yes, some of the inflatable boards have permanently fixed side fins. One or more removable center fins are included with every SUP.
  • What is included in a ParadisePad SUP package?
    The single person sup's will come with a backpack, dual action high volume hand pump, ankle leash, 3 piece fiberglass paddle, and repair kit.
  • Are ParadisePad SUPs good for yoga?
    Yes, Paradisepad boards are rigid enough to enable stability while practicing yoga. We do offer a inflatable pad designed specifically for yoga.
  • What PSI do I inflate my Paradise standup paddle to?
    Depending on your preference from 12-15 psi. Larger sized people will prefer a higher psi.
  • What makes the Paradise Stand up paddleboard so firm?
    Paradise uses drop stitch fibers that connect the top and bottom layers of military-grade PVC. When inflated the waterpad becomes a hard, stable platform.
  • Did I hear correctly that Paradisepad broke a Guiness World Record with a multi person paddleboard?
    Yes, Paradise Pad broke a Guiness World Record with 73 passengers with their 50' stand up paddleboard! We do offer two sizes of multi- person paddleboards.
  • Why would I want a electric fin for a paddleboard?
    Strong winds pop up and you are struggling to get back home. Turn on the remote and no more fighting the wind. You get a leg cramp and are struglling to stand up. Sit down and turn on the electric fin and no more worries! If sometimes you dont want to go out with faster paddlers as you feel like you are holding them up, just turn on high speed and see if they can keep up with you! Do you want to fish or troll? Turn on low speed and greatly reduce your paddling.
  • I am looking for a multi person paddleboard. What sizes do you have?
    Paradise pad has 2 sizes of multiperson paddle boards. I love our 12'x5' wide inflatable sup. It works great with one person but it really is designed to be used with 2-4 people. If you want to use with 4-8 people the 17' x5' is the best option. What ever option you take you will have a great time on it.
  • What makes Paradise pad foam pads so much better than other foam floats for boating?
    Paradise Pad is proud to say we have been named "The premium foam water pad for 6 straight years". Paradise uses denser foam made in the USA with the Best in Class tear resistant membrane between the layers of foam. Most companies will cut corners and use a lower priced plastic tether vs or stainless steel tether and not even use a membrane to stop tearing.
  • Do you make a Yellow, pink or red paddleboard?
    At this time we only make one classic looking style inflatable paddleboard with woodgrain looking eva foam and white drop stitch membrane. We do plan on adding to our offering of paddleboards in the future. Let us know if you feel we should bring on any style like a inflatable kayak, racing paddle board, or any other kind of stand up paddleboard.
  • What are the advantages of a inflatable paddleboard over a hard sup?
    The main benefit of a Isup over a hard paddleboard is that it comes down to transporting and storage. Being able to inflate and deflate your iSUP means you don’t need a car rack, pickup truck to haul the board around. You can take your sup on a airplane trip but good luck walking into a airport with a 12' hard board. iSUPs don’t get damaged easily, so you don’t have to worry about scratches like with a hard board.
  • I see Paradise Pad offers 5 Models (XS, S, M, L, XL). Why so many optionas and which is the best for my family?"
    The standard water pad in the industry is a 2ply water pad around 1.25” – 1.5” thick, 6’ wide by 12’ or 18’ long. Our thinnest pads (XS and M) are 1.4” thick and are perfect for the family with small kids. Great for the adults too, but not as easy for adults to “walk on water”. If only 4-5 users, the 12’ (XS) is plenty big & will support roughly 900lbs; If more than 4-5 users go with the 18’ (Medium) which will support roughly 1,500lbs of distributed weight (laying/sitting). We have other style options as customers have been asking for more. The next thickest pad is our Large model (6’ x 18’ x 1.5”). This is our original 3ply pad, 3ply means 3 layers of foam, in relation the 2ply is 2 layers of foam. With an additional layer of foam, results in enhanced buoyancy/floating power! This model will support roughly 1,800lbs. If the Large model is appealing but you’re still uncertain if it will be enough flotation then check out our XL. It’s our best pad we offer & have ever made. 6’ x 18’ x 2.1” and will support roughly 3,000lbs. Our fifth model is our Small. Unique in its own class because it is 5’ x 15’ x 2.1” and will support roughly 2,000lbs. By making a foam pad a foot narrower we have made a pad that is easier for transportation & storage – it even fits in the backseat of some cars, whereas 6’ pads cannot fit in a vehicle unless mid sized SUV, van, or truck. This model is recommended for 4-5 users & can be seen on many rental boats across the country.
  • Was Paradise Pad the first company to make floating foam lake mats?
    No, we were not the first company making floating water pads. Our world class engineers had time to study the flaws of others like no tear resistant membrane, low density foam, plastic tethers, no bungee cords, no customer service or warranty, & most are made in China. We didn’t want to make the same mistakes like others. Some other firsts have been the Hindenberg, Titanic, Blackberry, etc. It is just an example being a first isn’t always the best.
  • Are Paradise Pad's water pads made in the USA?
    YES, PROUDLY. The ParadisePad family business is based in the Midwest and is very proud to say our manufacturing process and foam are all made in the USA. We could save a lot of money buying a second rate water pad made in China but we felt we couldn’t mislead our American friends like some other foam water pad companies. American foam > imported foam.
  • Where do I put my Paradise Pad when my boat is full of people?
    Most people feel their ParadisePad is the best lay toy to bring boating but all foam floating pads take up a lot of space. When boating, most will lay their ParadisePad on the swim platform or on the front of a pontoon boat.
  • How do I anchor my Paradise Pad floating foam lake mat?
    Paradise Pads come with a superior stainless steel tether on each side of the pad and a 10’-15’ bungee cord with carabiner clips at each end. Attach one end of the bungee to the pad and the other end to the boat, jetski, dock, anchor etc.!
  • What can I do to extend the life of my Paradise Pad?
    Paradise Pad uses the best available American made foam with UV screeners but with any foam or plastic item, the sun UV rays can be harmful. We suggest to try to get the water pad out of the sun when not being used. We do not recommend leaving the pad outside in direct sunlight on land or water for extended periods of time, especially when not in use.
  • What is the warranty on my foam Paradise Pad?
    We offer the easiest and best 1 year warranty in the industry. Many other brands make you get a return goods form and then you need to pay around $150 to ship the item back to see if they will warranty. We feel this is unfair. Most other brands limit the warranty and do not cover tears from jumping on the pad. We ask that you email us your proof of purchase, picture of the problem and we take it from there…
  • Do you still make folding foam floating mats?
    We discontinue making the folding mats as they didn't preform like we hoped they would. They do not have the buoyancy of a normal foam pad (the smaller sections create a weak link) and they still took up alot of room on the boat. Maybe the biggest disadvantage was all the time it took to zipper or velcro them together. If you are looking to get something that takes up less room on the boat with way more buoyancy, check out Paradise Pad lineup of inflatable pads. The inflatable water pads will fit under a boat seat and will offer much greater buoyancy.
  • What kind of foam do you use for your foam pads
    We manufacture our foam pads with marine grade Cross-Linked Polyethene foam made in the USA that is soft and smooth to the skin vs many other competitors foam mats.
  • Where should I store my foam lake mat when not in use?
    We recommend that you store your foam lake pad not directly exposed to the sun. UV rays can be harmful to all plastic items. Exposing your foam water pad to the sun 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will affect its life expectancy. 
  • What air pressure should I put in my inflatable pad?
    Paradise recommends around 3-5 psi with the water pads, 4-6 psi with the Splash Island and Splash pad, yoga mat around 5-7 psi.
  • Do you recommend a electric pump to fill up the inflatable pads from the boat?
    Would you rather enjoy a drink or hand pump a pad? The 12v electric pump will give you all the pressure you will need but it takes longer than the 120v pump. If you are inflatating from the boat go with a 12v electric pump and make your life easier.
  • Can I leave my Paradise Splash Island in the water for extended time periods?
    Sure but anything left in the water may see algae growth. If this happens, flip over your party pad and wipe with a rag. Make sure to anchor properly and we do suggest using 1-2 lines to the water pad.
  • How do I clean my Paradise inflatable party pad?
    Most basic cleaning supplies and a rag will do a nice job. Any heavier scuffs a magic eraser will do a great job.
  • Can I use my Paradise inflatable dock in the ocean?
    Sure thing. If at all possible rinse off with fresh water after use.
  • Can my Splash island, Splash pad or any other inflatable pad be towed?
    We do not recommend towing the pads behind your boat. The drings are strong but are not designed for towing.
  • What is the weight capacity of my inflatable mat?
    We normally say, if there is room for you to sit or lay down, it will hold the extra weight. We have seen pictures of 15 adults on inflatable pads. The buoyancy of a inflatable pad is much better than foam water pads.
  • Are the Paradise Pad inflatable mats, Splash Islands and Splash pads durable?
    These inflatable pads are made with the same PVC construction and drop-stitch technology seen in our Guiness World Record paddleboard. Many other brands of inflatable docks are easily punctured and made out of thinner or lower grade products. You will be astonished on how buoyant, rigid and sturdy they are!
  • Does Paradise Pad have a inflatable jet ski dock?
    Yes, It is more like a portable or temporary jet ski dock and/or floating mat. Dock your seadoo have another 6.5'x5' area to relax and hang out. Great to keep your jet ski from banging into your boats or docks.
  • We always take our Paradise party cove island ( Splash Pad) to the local party cove. We normally fill with a hand pump when we get tie up the boat. Is this the best way?
    We strongly suggest that you get a 12v pump and inflate the pad in party cove. We do supply a hand pump with each pad purchased but it does take longer and way more work.
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