Why are ParadisePad watermats considered the “Premium Floating Mats” in the industry? The ParadisePad highly trained skill team of engineers studied and analyzed the weakness and flaws of other foam pad manufacturers and simply created the better mousetrap!

  • Best in class rip-stop membrane. Most other brands skip this critical concept or have a very weak inner membrane.
  • Denser American Made Foam. This will offer superior buoyancy ratings and will help the pad lay flatter. Many low end ads will use a low density foam that when adults are on the pad it will have the taco effect.
  • Stainless Steel Tether. Most other companies use a cheap plastic tether to save money.. a patented piece of plastic doesn’t outperform a stainless steel tether. We even use a washer under the tether for even better holding power. Some people ask why the water and our world class engineers said, “Why not have the best holding power in the industry?”
  • 5 model options & 6 color options. Other companies limit your options with a too thin 1.25” thick foam pad to a 1.5” thick pad. They will say if you need more buoyancy to just fold the lake pad in half! Why limit yourself to a lower quality water pad when ParadisePad has 5 models from a 1.4” thick – 2.1” thick. No more need to fold your pad in half to have better buoyancy!
  • What makes ParadisePad Floating Mats Foam Different Than Others?

  • We use the best available UV, mold & mildew additives to help preserve the foam.
  • Thermo bonds the foam together instead of others using glues that fail over time.
  • Denser foam to help the pad lay flatter to help disperse the weight on the pad and offer better tensile strength.
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