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Official waterpads of Cobalt boats

Luxury floats for luxury boats. 

Available on A29, R33, and R35.

Tie-Up With Us!

Float comfortably on the highest standard of floatation platforms


Wake Fest

Twin Lakes, Iowa


The ParadisePad Watersports Company established itself in 2011, as a father-son business operation based in Iowa. They set sail to provide premium products for boaters pleasure on the water. Since the start up, thousands of people have chosen ParadisePad and greatly increased their time spent on the water. Year after year, ParadisePad has grown by offering premium products through stocking dealers across the world. ParadisePad strives to promote and sell through the brick and mortar of this fine country.

For the first few years ParadisePad was the go to option for foam rolled water pads if you could find one. Waterpads only available at marine dealers or boat shows and not online. Word of mouth carried to being recognized as "America's Premium WaterPad" in 2016, Great Lakes Scuttlebuttt magazine. Since rolling out traditional foam water pads, many other world class products have been added to the lineup such as: inflatable water pads, inflatable jet ski docks, inflatable hydrofoil docking stations, inflatable paddle boards, motorized fins for SUPs, inflatable fenders/bumpers, inflatable dog ramps, and more!

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