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Suction Cup Fender/Bumper Holder 2 pack

Suction Cup Fender/Bumper Holder 2 pack


 Suction cup fender  holder works with any smooth flat surface such as fiberglass, windshields, or pontoon fencing. Great to have when there are no cleats available.

15" adjustible strap with plastic buckle, works with almost all fenders.

Simply wipe clean with a wet towel to regain stickiness. Low cost boat protection!

  • Suction Cup fender holder

    Are you always searching for a better spot or way to hang your foam boat fender or inflatable fender? Paradise pad might have the best solution. Easy to use on any flat surface. No more searching for the cleat that is missing from your boat. Great temporary option to hang a fender or bumper. 

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