8 Unique Water Toys You Have to Try

July 11, 2017

There is nothing like being out on a lake. The cloudless sky, bright sun, and water all around you. Lakes can also be a place to try the newest technology in water sports, which are constantly evolving.

If you like a little adventure, here are 8 unique water toys and sports to try out.


extreme water sports flyboarding

The fly board was invented by a French water-craft rider named Franky Zapata in 2012.

Movies like Back to the Future predicted inventions such as a hover board, and the fly board comes pretty close. By now, you have probably seen pictures of a fly board, and they are usually tethered to a type of personal watercraft. Fly boarding combines wake boarding, wake surfing, and hydro flying and puts it all into one. About a year ago, Zapata released a video of a fly board without anything attached to it.

It really is a jet-powered hover board.

It is made of a board, fuel tank, and remote. Inside there are four engines with 250 horsepower each. You can fly up to 10,000 feet above the water and at a speed of 93 mph. The Flyboard® Air costs about $250,000 and isn’t available for recreational use yet, but we are sure to see these on lakes soon. For now, we have to settle with a fly board that is tethered to a watercraft, which is still pretty cool.

The Flyboards that are available for recreational use can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on the style, but you can rent them and take lessons for a day at many beaches.


unique water toys to try waterbike

A fly bike is a great for anyone who loves adrenaline-fueled water toys and sports.

It is a water jet-pack bike, but doesn’t have any wheels. Instead, it has a 40-foot hose that connects to a jet ski that redirects water to thrust out of the bottom of the seat and front nozzles. There are pedals that you use to either elevate or reduce water pressure.

Once you get balanced on a fly bike you can fly over 20 feet, and even dive down for brief durations. For those who love stunts, you can do back flips, barrel rolls, or corkscrews on them. They are fairly easy to balance on and take around an hour to learn how to use safely.

Price of this water toy? Anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000, but they are also available for rent at nationwide beaches.

JetSurf (Motorized Surfboards)



In most basic terms, jet surfing is a motorized surf board.

You no longer need waves, a cable tow, or a boat to go surfing, the board does it all. Jet surf boards are directional and thicker in the middle than a traditional wakeboard. There are two-foot pads to place your feet and a hand-held throttle to control the speed. Like other board sports, you will have a leading foot and need to figure out your stance. After that, it’s all about balance and your front and heel-side carves.

If you’re one to shy away from extreme sports but enjoy watching them, jet surfing can still be for you. The sport of jet surfing has already become quite popular and there is even a World Cup Grand Prix Jet Surf Series.

This super cool toy usually costs over $10,000, but there is a JetSurf Academy in Texas where you can try it out for under $200.

Hydro Flying Jet Packs

hyrdo jetpack water toy

Hydro flying was the first “antigravity” sport for extreme water sports fans, and it does not disappoint.

It is as close to having a jet-pack that you can get. Hydro flying sends the water of a personal watercraft into a water propelled jet pack that you wear, and allows you to hover over the water. It is similar to the Flyboard but requires much less balance.

Once you get the hang of the jet pack, there are tons of fun tricks you can learn on a hydro flying jet pack. Skilled riders will be seen doing dives, spins, and flips. It cost around $7,500 to buy your own but you can always rent one for a few hours.

Breathing Observation Bubble

breathing observation bubble


This one is the perfect option for those who prefer being at peace in the water.

Breathing observation bubbles (B.O.B.) provide easy access to diving, even if you don’t consider yourself a diver. The passenger sits on a seat while their head goes inside a roomy air bubble, and they can ride along among reefs and fish. The rider doesn’t have to have any experience before using one, all they have to do is sit back and relax.

B.O.Bs are becoming increasingly popular in exotic locations and lakes with clear water. It allows people to have a scuba diver’s experience without the training and equipment. A B.O.B ride is actually quite affordable, most places charge less than $100 for this unique underwater experience.

Stand Up Jet Skis

The sport of jet skiing is constantly evolving. Stand up jet skis are exactly what you think. It looks like a normal jet ski, but the rider can actually stand up while riding, and the jet ski becomes more vertical than horizontal.

Jet skiing is very common on lakes and in the extreme water sport world. There is even a World Finals Competition every year that draws thousands of competitors and spectators.

A brand new stand up jet ski can cost around $10,000 but you can easily buy used ones for much cheaper.

Floating Trampoline Volleyball Court

Beach volleyball is fun, but now you can save your feet from the scalding sand and take the game on the water.

Now, there are floating inflatable volleyball courts. The court is on a 35 ft water trampoline and floats on its own. It also comes with a regulation sized volleyball that is tethered to the net with a bungee so you won’t be constantly jumping into the water to retrieve it.

But if you happen to dive for a save and go out of bounds, you can get a refreshing cool down instead of sand burn.

The floating inflatable volleyball courts come with a price tag around $11,000, but the having fun in the summer time is priceless, right?

Inflatable Iceberg Climbing Wall


Inflatable Iceberg water toy

Take a climbing wall and a water slide, put it on a lake, and you have an inflatable iceberg climbing wall.

The inflatable iceberg climbing wall is available in two sizes, 7 ft and 14 ft. The 14 footer fits up to 8 people at a time and has over 80 climbing handles throughout the surface. You can test your balance and coordination by climbing to the top, then reward yourself by sliding down the back into the cool water.

Cost of fun? The 7 ft iceberg is $3399.99 and the 14 ft iceberg is $8099.99.

You Can Always Just Relax on Your ParadisePad

If all of these water toys sound a little too extreme for you, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting back and relaxing when you’re at the lake. Sometimes, it’s best to just roll out your ParadisePad and enjoy the day.

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